¡cada diseño es hecho lentamente a mano!

Anillo concéntrico horizontal en plata mate y pátina o resina de color
  • Horizontal concentric ring!


    Beautiful, U concentric ring, contemporary design. Made in the lost wax technique.


    Available in matte or blacked finish, and with color added.

    Perfect for daily use!

    * Materials, procedure and finish.

    100% Recovered Sterling Silver .925
    Silver oxide (upon request)

    Colored metal paint

    Carved out of wax and cast with the lost wax process, filing, sanding, hand-welded. Brushed matte/blued and colored paint.

    Please consider that the imperfections are intrinsic to the material and the craftsmanship, giving the piece its unique status and particular beauty.

    The black patina can be lost over time depending on its use. Patina is achieved through a rapid oxidation process using silver oxide, this will not harm or stain your skin.


    Due to chemical reactions, the blued finish of the silver should not come into contact with ferrous metals as it would react with the oxide and permanently stain the blued area.


    The colored finish applies only to the inside of the circle of the piece as shown in the image, the rest of the piece is finished in brushed matte/blued.

    * Size, weight and estimated dimensions.

    At the moment only one piece available in size 8-8.5 (American). If you are not sure of your size, try to find your correct size using the ring size finder, a pdf that can be very helpful. (ask google).

    Width is 2.2 cm, height 2.5 cm, thickness about 4 mm (0.86 "x 0.98" x 0.157 ").

    Weight varies depending on size, for reference, a ring size 8 weighs 5 grams, 0.011 pounds.


    Important: Due to the manufacturing process for this particular design, please allow up to 15 business days for production plus shipping time. Pieces in stock will be shipped in a period no longer than three business days.

    Please be sure to read my purchase policy and FAQ on my public profile before finalizing your purchase.


    As a "slow jeweler" I do not have a large inventory so, the piece you chose may need to be manufactured after purchase, the time provided when making the purchase indicates exclusively the shipping time not including manufacturing and/or processing times, all available jewelry will be shipped within a maximum of 3-5 business days.


    Processing/manufacturing times vary according to the complexity of the design and manufacturing technique, most pieces require an estimated 5 business days, while those made in casting (lost-wax) require at least 8 business days plus shipping time.


    If you are making a gift and require that your piece be delivered immediately, please check with me for availability before making the purchase.


    Your support will be crucial for my small business, thank you in advance! #supportslowjewelers #buyhandmadejewelry #standwithsmallbusiness