• Stackable micro concave rings

    Slim micro concave stackable rings available in brushed matte or blued silver finish. Subtle design to be used separately, or stacked, you may accumulate up to 6 pieces, they look beautiful!


    A sober design, extremely comfortable, to be worn daily or on formal occasions.


    Many options available, customize your order as much as possible!

    -1 to 6 matte rings

    -1-6 black silver rings

    -1 matte + 1 black
    -1 matte + 2 blacks
    -2 matte + 1 black

    -2 matte + 2 blacks

    -3 matte + 3 black

    -3 matte + 2 black

    -3 blacks + 2 matte

    * Materials, procedure and finish.


    100% Recovered Sterling Silver .925
    Silver oxide (upon request)


    Rings made in the lost wax technique from an original that I originally made forged, welded and filed from round wire and recovered sterling silver foil. Pieces filed and sanded by hand.


    Please consider that the imperfections are intrinsic to the material and the craftsmanship, giving the piece its unique status and particular beauty.


    If you chose the blued version, consider that the beautiful black patina can be lost over time depending on its use. Patina is achieved through a rapid oxidation process using silver oxide, this will not damage or stain your skin.


    * Size, weight and estimated dimensions.


    Currently available exclusively in size 5, more sizes coming soon! Do not know your size? Find your correct size, search the web for the ring size finder, it is a pdf to print, it will be of great help.


    The ring is round approximately 2mm wire thick.


    Please note that if you are going to wear more than 2 stackable rings together, it is recommended to use a size half number larger than yours to ensure comfort. I do not recommend using more than 6 rings together as they could be uncomfortable.


    Weight will depend on size, for reference, a size 5 ring weighs 2 grams total, about 0.0044 pounds.


    Also brass rings available to match silver ones, look for the respective list!


    Important: Due to the manufacturing process for this particular piece, please allow up to 10 business days for production plus shipping time. The pieces in stock will be sent in a period not exceeding three business days.


    If you buy more than one ring be sure to specify which finish would you want for each piece.


    Please be sure to read my purchase policies and FAQ before making your purchase.

    • Basic care instructions

      If you choose the blued version, it is very important that you know that these pieces should be stored in non-metallic containers and without mixing with ferrous metallic pieces (so, gold and silver are ok), since the oxide can generate a reaction and stain your pieces. Do not wear brass and blued silver (black) rings together because the same reaction may occur.


      For more extensive care suggestions visit the section at the bottom of the home section of this website.


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