¡cada diseño es hecho lentamente a mano!

Disc hoop earrings, minimal flat design!
  • Disc hoop earrings, minimal flat design!


    Dangle disc hoop earrings, completely made from scratch by my own hands. They 're flat circle shapes made in reclaimed sterling foil, handmade beads. I love purism of geometry, it brings natural sobriety and beauty to the world. These earrings were conceived as geometry to wear.

    An original and beautiful design for your ears. Use it daily or on semi-formal occasions.

    Handmade cut & forged + recycled silver hook.

    Available in two sizes and two finishes to choose from!

    *Materials, procedure, and finish.

    Reclaimed sterling silver .950
    Recycled silver (hooks)
    Sterling oxide (By request).

    These earrings were handmade made of sterling silver foil, sewn, sanded, forged, brushed matte finished. Edges burnished.

    Please consider imperfections are intrinsic to the material and its artisan craftsmanship, giving the piece its unique status and beauty.

    Many earrings design available, take a look!

    *Estimated measurements and weight

    Disc perimeter: 2.3 cm (0.90").
    Hoop perimeter: 3 cm (1.18").
    They hang 4.5 cm (1.77 inches) from the top of the ear wires.
    Weight: 7 gram for both earrings. (0.015 pounds).

    Sterling wire hook is 1mm wide (about 0.03 inches).
    Disc made of sterling foil 22 gauge.

    Hook made by hand, please consider it is made in round recycled silver wire 1mm thick (0.03"), I use thick wire since silver is so weak that it bends and deforms rapidly. For this particular item I recommend the use of thick wire, anyway if you prefer it, I can make the hook on a thinner wire, just choose it at check out, just please consider I may need extra time for manufacturing since stock earrings will not match this requirement. For this particular design, I recommend a thick hoop.

    Please be sure to read my purchase policy & my FAQ before finish your buy.


    Como "joyera lenta" no tengo inventario de absolutamente todos los diseños, por lo que muchas piezas se fabricarán una vez compradas, el tiempo proporcionado al hacer la compra indica exclusivamente el tiempo de envío sin incluir tiempos de fabricación y/o procesamiento, todas las piezas disponibles se enviarán en un plazo máximo de 3-5 días hábiles.

    Los tiempos de procesamiento/fabricación varían de acuerdo a la complejidad del diseño y técnica de manufactura, la mayoría de las piezas requieren un estimado de 5 días hábiles, las piezas realizadas en fundición o cera perdida requieren al menos 8 días hábiles más el tiempo de envío.

    Si estás haciendo un regalo y requieres que tu pieza sea entregada de manera inmediata, por favor consulta conmigo la disponibilidad antes de hacer la compra.

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