• Geometric choker, minimal piece!

    Hermosa y original gargantilla minimalista fabricada íntegramente a mano en plata esterlina recuperada acabado en plata pavonada cepillada. Pieza única!

    Sobrio y elegante diseño ideal para usar todos los días, o en ocasiones formales.
    A beautiful and original one of a kind choker hand fabricated in blacked sterling silver wire & bezel. A lovely geometric choker in a minimal design.

    Sober and elegant piece, great to wear daily or at formal occasions since as a short collar would look great with a shirt, dress or even a t-shirt!

    If you're a minimal lover this choker will be perfect for you!

    *Materials, procedure, and finish.

    100% Reclaimed sterling silver 950
    Silver oxide

    Completely hand fabricated in reclaimed sterling silver round wire 1mm wide (0.039") and bezel 2mm (0.078") wide 22 gauge, handmade clasp, forged, hammered and welded. Brushed blacked finish.

    This is a one of a kind item, you'll have an original piece!

    Please consider imperfections are intrinsic of the material and its artisan craftsmanship, giving the piece its unique status and beauty.

    *Size, weight, and estimated dimensions.

    The choker is 52 cm total length (that it's about 20.47") & weights 10 grams, about 0.022 pounds.

    This is a very nice looking piece, you'll love it!

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