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Möbius Ring, minimal unisex design!
  • Möbius Ring, minimal unisex design!


    Beautiful infinite ring based on August Möbius bandwidth discovery. Sterling matte finished is a lovely minimal ring, a simple design for minimal jewelry lovers.

    Unisex ring, great for men and women!

    This is an extremely lightweight and a comfortable piece you'll love it!

    Like all my jewelry, this Möbius ring is gift-giving ready! A perfect ring for girlfriend or boyfriend!

    Prices vary according to size, select yours to see the correct amount.

    *Materials, procedure, and finish.

    100% Reclaimed sterling silver 950
    Silver oxide (by request)

    Handmade in a sterling silver bezel, forged and welded. The bands are wrapped around themselves. Brushed matte finished.

    This item is by default finished in regular sterling matte if you want it blackened (blued) please ask for it when you buy it.

    Please consider imperfections are intrinsic to the material and its artisan craftsmanship, giving the piece its unique status and beauty.

    *Size, weight, and estimated dimensions.

    Regarding size, this list is for custom size ring, I'll work on your piece fitting sizes 4 to 16 (American). Not sure of your size?, Find your right size, search on the web for the ring size finder, it is a printable PDF, will be of great help.

    The continuous band is around 4 mm wide, 20 gauge. Two bands together form a single one.

    Weight depends on the size, as a reference, a size 7.5 weighs a bit more than 4 grams, that is more than 0.0088 pounds.

    As custom size made ring please allow from 7 to 10 days for production plus shipping time. If the size you have chosen is on hold, your order will be shipped within 2-3 working days.

    Please be sure to read my purchase policy at my public profile before finish your buy.


    Como "joyera lenta" no tengo un gran inventario, por lo que muchas piezas se fabricarán una vez compradas, el tiempo proporcionado al hacer la compra indica exclusivamente el tiempo de envío sin incluir tiempos de fabricación y/o procesamiento, todas las piezas disponibles se enviarán en un plazo máximo de 3-5 días hábiles.

    Los tiempos de procesamiento/fabricación varían de acuerdo a la complejidad del diseño y técnica de manufactura, la mayoría de las piezas requieren un estimado de 5 días hábiles, las piezas realizadas en fundición o cera perdida requieren al menos 8 días hábiles más el tiempo de envío.

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