dikua, from purépecha tirhindikua : earring.
dikua is the brand behind me, Fernanda Ibarrola, an architect by profession, with a natural inclination towards design in all its forms and passionate about the opportunity to create.

after twelve years of dedication to architecture, I decided to make a radical change in my life, and after three years of studies, dikua jewelry was born in late 2007.

my work starts on the concept of the minimum, as simplicity as an authentic and transparent way of life, playing with geometry and abstraction of the basic forms of nature.

each individual is unique, so most of my designs are too. at a time when the massive business model dictates the standards, you can still look for a different alternative, which allowed you to leave the scheme by being yourself.

in dikua I care to manufacture, using quality materials and also commit myself to the earth as our living space, so use all the ecological options available locally, replacing toxic materials with natural, using reclaimed and recycled materials. also, I incorporate Mexican craftsmanship to support and promote their quality and beauty, while I provide added value to my pieces.

dikua's jewelry is mainly made of reclaimed sterling silver and resin, all designed and manufactured entirely by my hand. the metal collection is made in small series, numbered limited pieces, mostly one of a kind.

my resin collection is, because of the processing characteristics of the material, made in a series of colors and patterns, but each is unique thanks to artisanal manufacturing. colors and designs vary according to the piece and season.

pieces in gold and other precious metals are limited to specific designs and special orders, which I design in collusion with the client.

currently, I experiment with recycled materials, gemstones, beads, clay, textiles, silver, and resin.

since the launch of the online store, spare dikua have already reached more than 15 countries reaching 4 continents meeting design requirements from individual clients to selected boutiques across the world.

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Fernanda Ibarrola
dikua jewelry

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