• Infinity bangle

    A beautiful and minimalist bracelet, its design is based on Escher's endless band. Match the infinite rings and infinity ribbon, use them together!


    * Materials, procedure, finish, weight and estimated dimensions.


    925 silver (sterling)
    Silver Oxide (upon request)


    This bracelet has been forged and welded, it is made with three turns of silver bezel, the continuous band forms three turns that overlap each other. Silver finished in matte brushed finish.


    It is an extremely beautiful piece, enjoy it!


    Please, consider that imperfections are intrinsic of material and artisanal realization, giving the piece its unique status and beauty.


    If you choose a piece in the blue (black) version, consider that the beautiful black patina will be lost over time according to its use. The patina is made with silver oxide, this should not damage your skin or stain. It is very important that you follow my recommendations for the care of your pieces in order to keep your jewelry as new, you can find them at the bottom of this website in the jewelry care section.


    * Size, weight and estimated dimensions.


    Suitable for American bracelet sizes 20.5-21.5


    Not sure of your size ?, Find your correct size, if you have a rigid bracelet to buy simply search the web for a PDF of American sizes of bracelets to print, print and compare with your piece. If you do not have a piece to buy, measure your hand at its widest part, just under the knuckles, hiding your thumb, compare the result with an American bracelet size chart.


    The band is approx. 1 cm wide (0.394), 18 gauge. The bracelet measures an estimated 7 cm wide (2.75) already on.


    Important: This piece is made EXCLUSIVELY on request, please consider 5 to 10 business days for its manufacture plus shipping time.



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