• ABC pendant!

    A Beautiful ABC pendant, Limited Edition minimal design handmade, brushed matte or blacked finish. You can choose between leather cord or a chain, the chain is available in brushed or oxidized finish.

    This is an extremely lightweight and comfortable piece you'll love it! great to be used daily or on special occasions!

    A lovely neck version of my ABC earrings!

    Like all my jewelry, this pendant is gift-giving ready! A perfect present for a girlfriend!

    *Materials, procedure, and finish.

    100% Reclaimed sterling silver .950
    Sterling rat tail chain 925 around 1mm thick (by request)
    Leather cord around 1-2 mm thick (by request)
    Silver oxide (by request)

    Hand-fabricated, sawn, hand stamped, sanded, oxidized.

    Please consider imperfections are intrinsic of the material and its artisan craftsmanship, giving the piece its unique status and beauty.

    *Size, weight, and estimated dimensions.

    The pendant is around 2.5 cm maximum large (0.98"), 1.7 cm maximum wide (0.66"). Sterling chain thickness is around 1 mm (0.039"). Total length is around 43 cm (16.92") in the 40 cm chain/cord version and 48 cm (18.89") in the 45 cm chain/cord version.

    The weight of the total piece varies if it's used with a chain or the leather cord.

    Please select the cord length you prefer, leather cord and chain are both available in 40 cm or 45 cm. If you want a different cord length extra timing and prices may apply. Consider chain and cord length and thick will depend on market availability.

    Please be sure to read my purchase policy & my FAQ before finish your buy.


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